This week’s good stuff on the internet

Image via Wee Birdy

Wee Birdy features the best of non-tat Olympic souvenirs, including a lovely Track Print by Julian Shaw, some printed postcards by Custhorn and even a pair of Stella McCartney knickers if you’ve got a spare £30.

Eames House of Cards Image: PR

I’ve been a fan of Charles & Ray Eames for ages. One day I’d like to take a trip to California to visit the Eames House.

The Observer this week featured their pick of 10 of the best Eames designs.

My favourites of this list are the storage unit ESU 426-C, the house, and the House of Cards.


If you’re feeling you need a creative boost this list of books on MyLife Scoop might help. I’ve seen Steal Like an Artist recommended a few times, I must take a look at it. Freedom is Blogging in your Underwear, according to Hugh MacLeod. Rest assured though, I have not followed that piece of advice yet!


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