Going for Gold – Olympic day out

Had a great trip to the Olympic Park last week, on the opening weekend.

We arrived early on Sunday morning, which was great timing as it was quiet and we had time and space to enjoy the architecture, landscaping and beautiful flowers before getting into the spirit of the games with everyone else later on.

There’s some great, and some rather odd, examples of design associated with the Olympics – this page on colourlovers.com has a run down of Olympic posters from 1896 to the present day. My favourites are 1964 to 1980 – they are all really evocative of their era, and really striking pieces of design.

Here’s a few pictures from my trip to Stratford…

The swimming arena, and some of the beautiful flowers

The planting really mellows the feel of the park

The wood-clad velodrome, my favourite venue.

The velodrome and the blue sky, which didn’t last!

Ultra-modern venue in contrast with the amazing floral display

A view from the top of the Orbit – a bit vertigo-inducing but amazing views of London

You can spot patterns everywhere can’t you!

A final floral display


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