Decent Exposure

I’ve got my work featured in a few places online this week.

Firstly there is another showcase of work from the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design on course creator Rachael Taylor’s blog. I am chuffed to have my work up there for the second time – the Retro Jugs & Mugs Collection.

Retro Jugs & Mugs collection (c) Anna Dent

Tigerprint, designers of greetings cards for M&S, have been accepting submissions to design a banner for their homepage. Here’s a screengrab of mine:

My Tigerprint banner as featured on their homepage (c) Anna Dent

And check out all the others here – there are quite a lot designed by my coursemates!

Finally, OhhDeer, online retailer of quirky gifts, is running a competition to design a new cushion for their range, and here’s my entry:

OhhDeer competition entry – Supa Sofas (c) Anna Dent

You can boost my chances by visiting the website and tweeting my entry.


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