Testing, testing

I received my first fabric samples from Spoonflower this week. They offer a great service – you upload your own designs to their website, they print the fabric, pop it in the post and hey presto!

It would be great to have the equipment and space to print fabric myself but that’s not too easy in a 1-bed flat in London, so this is definitely the next best thing.

I noticed straight away that the colours of the fabric are nothing like as bright as my original designs. This isn’t unexpected but it does mean I’m going to need more samples before I order any significant amounts to make sure I’m happy with the colours.

It’s also really striking how some patterns look great on fabric, and some look like they need to be elsewhere. There are a few that I can imagine on a piece of clothing, and some need to be a lampshade, or a duvet cover, or a notebook. I don’t think I would have seen this so clearly without having them all in front of me on fabric. I’d love to know what products you can see them on.

So, lots more to do until I have a complete collection, but it’s very exciting to see my work take its first steps into the real world.

Alien flowers

Sketchy geometrics

More geometrics – no hand-drawn lines here

Jugs & Mugs. It was a windy morning!

More geometrics, including a pattern that drove me mad trying to get the repeat right

3 colourways of the same design – I can see them all being used for different kinds of products!


3 thoughts on “Testing, testing

  1. Nice! There’s one design here I think could look great as curtains/soft furnishings for the girls’ new bedrooms…. Would need a pink colourway. Perhaps we should talk! I’m desperate to avoid Hello Kitty!!

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