Wittering on and on and on

We had a few days camping last week near East and West Wittering, close to Chichester. The beach at the Witterings is huge, and one of the few sandy beaches along that stretch of the coast.

We walked round East Head, a sand dune spit on the western end of West Wittering beach. Lots of people braving the wind, and lots of nature to enjoy, including ringed plover (I think!) and the very rare Silver Spiny Digger Wasp, which we didn’t see but we did spot their burrows.

It’s a lovely area, with loads of sailing, wildlife and pretty villages, including Bosham  – picture below. There is a big area of mudflats which are exposed at low tide, and completely covered at high tide. Cars have been known to get submerged apparently! Many of the houses near the water have raised doorsteps and flood barriers in case of extra high tides.

Lots of inspiration for drawings and patterns.

The beach at East Wittering, early evening

Beautiful flower, on the walk from our campsite to the beach.

Ringed Plover, at East Head

Plover in flight

You have been warned…

Flood defences at Bosham

On the quay at Bosham


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