Busy busy busy

A whole week since my last post and it’s been a busy one – starting your own business takes up rather a lot of time!

Here’s just a few things I’ve been doing this week…

My first delivery of greetings cards arrived from moo – printed with my own designs. I am very pleased with them, and will be putting them on sale soon.

A sneak preview of my greetings cards – on sale soon.

Where will I sell them? Through my folksy store! I set it up this week and the cards will be on there very soon – as soon as I’ve had time to take some fantastic pictures of them.

My course is also really busy at the moment (check it out here if you want to know more) – this week I’m working on a live brief from wallpapered.com to design a mural or wallpaper design inspired by maps. Here is a sneak peek of what I’m planning – can you guess what it is yet?

Some drawings that will appear on my finished piece – come back to see what kind of map features meat and cheese!

And finally I ordered my first yards of fabric from Spoonflower – after a few rounds of samples I am happy with the colors so have taken the plunge and will be hitting the sewing machine as soon as it arrives. The end results will appear on Folksy, plus I’m planning to sell at a Christmas market or two.

I’ve ordered fabric in this design to make some comfy cushions


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