Fly my pretties!


Hiya, hopefully you have reached me as part of the Let’s Fly bloghop, from the absolutely super-duper work of Esther Cox – if you’re not on the hop why not start from the beginning?

We’re showcasing the work of over 50 designers, and we’re all using the Pantone 2013 colour of the year Emerald in our designs.

I’m experimenting with keeping my work really simple at the moment, it’s easy to over-complicate patterns I find, and some of the patterns I love best are very simple and clean. Sometimes a bit of bravery is needed to strip something right back to the basics though!

For these patterns, inspired by the theme of flight, I have used very simple bird and cloud shapes and played with different layouts to create patterns which work as a collection but also have distinct personalities. You can see some of my initial doodles below, some visual brainstorming.

In 2013 I’m working on growing my portfolio and will launch my website shortly – to keep up to date you can follow me on twitter @annad_design.

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section, before you head off to your next destination… the lovely and talented Kathryn Pledger!

Initial sketches

Initial sketches

Flying High

Flying High

A Warm Front

A Warm Front

Dusk Flight

Dusk Flight


27 thoughts on “Fly my pretties!

  1. Ok- I know- I am early, but I am still up blogging and your post popped up so had to pop by. You are so right about keeping it simple.Your work reflects it- looks great.Thanks for the reminder- need it to be knocked over my head! Julie

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