Making, and making it real

Too long since my last post, I hope you managed to see at least some of the lovely work in the bloghop last weekend.

I’ve been working on a plan for this year, starting with finding manufacturers and finishing off my new website.

I’m expanding my portfolio before I launch the website properly, here’s some bits & pieces I’ve been working on today. The colours are bang on trend (as they say) for Spring / Summer 2013, which believe it or not is just around the corner. Can’t tell from the snow!

I’m sticking with the simplicity theme at the moment. I’m thinking a lot about where my patterns might actually be used and who might wear, or drink from, or dry up with them, and whether the pattern will work in the ‘real world’ and not just on a computer screen – there’s quite a difference.

When I have some manufacturing sorted I can try out my theories!


Teal, acid yellow and dark greeny-grey are colours for next season


I’m sticking with simple motifs, in this collection they are graphic and geometric (with a hand-drawn wobble!)


A bold, graphic coordinate for the more delicate patterns above


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