Marketing 101

The market on Saturday went really well. It was the first time I had tried to sell any of my own work to the general public, so it was quite a nerve-wracking experience, but also great fun and gave me lots of food for thought.

I will definitely expand the range of products that I have for sale, and make sure there is a good spread of prices too. Greetings cards and mugs went down well, and my mugs and jugs designs seemed to be the most popular.

Here’s a few photos of the stall (from when it wasn’t raining…)


The market setting up – check out the patch of blue sky


Setting up the stall – learning visual merchandising on the job!


Mugs ready to sell, they were a really popular item


Me! Awaiting the present-hungry hoardes


Christmas crackers!

Busy getting ready for a Christmas market on Saturday – I’ll be putting my first few products on sale which feature my own designs. It’s been a huge learning experience already, and I’m hoping to get lots of feedback to help me develop my work and products next year.

The market is on Saturday from 12-6pm, on Coulgate St, right next to Brockley Station in SE London. There will be carols and maybe even an appearance by a certain jolly chap all dressed in red…

Here’s a few pics of what’s going to be on sale – sorry they are not the best quality – not much time for top notch photos tonight!

Greetings cards:






Mugs:MugsCushions from vintage fabric:cushion2



Large cushion

New Zealand – Deco delights

I’m back in the UK now, and still catching up on news and sorting through all the holiday snaps. Here are some from the north island of New Zealand – including from the capital Wellington, art deco town Napier, and the amazing geothermal experience at Wai-O-Tapu.

I’m also busy preparing for a Christmas market in a couple of weeks – rather a lot of time spent at the sewing machine! I’ll post some photos of the products I’m making soon. The market is on 15 December, right next to Brockley station in south London.

In the meantime, here’s my photos from the truly beautiful NZ.

A rather lovely ferry trip from Picton to Wellington

A rather lovely ferry trip from Picton to Wellington

Camping is a national obsession

Camping is a national obsession

Tiles on Cuba St in Wellington

Tiles on Cuba St in Wellington

Don't stand to close...

Don’t stand too close…

Botanical Gardens - great colours and shapes

Wellington Botanical Gardens – great colours and shapes

Wellington Botanical Gardens - plenty of flora and fauna

Botanical Gardens – plenty of flora and fauna

Rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1931, central Napier is an art deco paradise.

This is just a small selection of photos we took!

This is just a small selection of photos we took!

Modern signage creeps in...

Modern signage creeps in…

It's all beautifully looked after but also a living town, not just a museum

It’s all beautifully looked after but also a living town, not just a museum

Lovely typography

Lovely typography

Wai-O-Tapu – never seen anything like it!

Smelly, bubbling, boiling hot pools - no swimming here

Smelly, bubbling, boiling hot pools – no swimming here

But the birds don't seem to mind it

But the birds don’t seem to mind it

Beautiful patterns in the earth

Beautiful patterns in the earth

A very fertile place!

A very fertile place!

Christchurch re-starts

A few pics from our travels in New Zealand – mainly from the re:start complex in Christchurch. The city is in the midst of lots of rebuilding, and demolishing, after the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.

Re:start is a complex of shops and cafes in the centre of Christchurch, all housed in shipping crates, and brings some much-needed energy and positivity to the CBD which was devastated by the quakes.

Re:start in Christchurch

The General Store

Lovely patterns from French Bull

or fush and chups if you have a Kiwi accent, apparently!

An artistic response to the quakes and the clear-up

One of the hundreds of waterfalls in Milford Sound – it was wet!

Petrol pumps in Akaroa – a town with a strong French history

View from the train between Christchurch & Picton

Springtime in October

I’ve been a bit quiet recently as I have jetted to the other side of the world and am on holiday in Australia! Still getting used to the time difference and having warm weather in late October.

Here’s a few snaps we’ve taken so far – more to come over the next couple of weeks from Oz and also New Zealand.

Boats on the coast near Coogee

Beautiful coastline between Coogee and Bondi

Work in the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition along the coastline

More Sculpture by the Sea

This scuplture reminds me of Spillikins – google it!

Clifftop sculpture

Sydney Opera House – how many photos are taken of it every day?

Thousands of tiles cover the outside of the Opera House

Sydney Botanical Gardens

Lovely planters by Angus & Celeste

Seahorses near Manly beach

All I want for Christmas is…

I know it’s over 2 months away, but my thoughts have turned to Christmas as I’m going to be making a range of products, featuring my designs, to sell at a Christmas market.

I’ve had some greetings cards printed already, and will be making cushions, aprons and other bits & pieces with my own fabric – the patterns below, and more, will feature.

Watch this space for the time and date!

Greetings cards – these will be available for Christmas, and online.

Kitchen textiles in my Retro Jugs and Mugs design will be made by my own fair hands

And don’t forget you have 1 week left to get my cushion

You can find my cushion on the ohhdeer website. If I am lucky enough to be a competition winner it will go on sale in shops including the Tate Shop. If I don’t win I plan to get some fabric printed up and make my own.

Happy times

Just a quick post today to share 2 things that have made me happy this week.

First, I made a lovely new cover for my birthday kindle – I recycled an old skirt and freestyled the pattern and I am pretty happy with the result.

My kindle cover!

And secondly, one of my designs is available to buy! I entered a cushion competition with Ohh Deer, a company that makes clothes and homeware featuring work by contemporary designers. To help decide the winner, they are putting all the entries on sale for 3 weeks. So if you fancy adorning your sofa with an original piece of design, take a look at my entry – on sale for a very limited time.